VOLLEYBALL: Lady Hawks vs. Union Grove 9-14-21

The Lady Hawks improved to 2-0 in district play with a 25-13, 25-17, and 25-16 victory over Union Grove. 
Makena Warren had 11 kills, 3 aces, and 2 blocks for the Lady Hawks. Tenley Conde added 4 kills. Jordyn Warren put up 18 assists and added 4 service aces. Lynli Dacus also had four service aces.
Defensively, Carmen Turner had a big night picking up 10 digs for the Lady Hawks.
The JV Lady Hawks defeated Union Grove 22-25, 25-20, and 25-18.

VOLLEYBALL: Lady Hawks vs. Overton 9-10-21

The Lady Hawks used a 25-16, 25-13, and 25-15 victory to roll past Overton in their district opener. 
Makena Warren led the way with 12 kills, 4 digs, 3 aces, 2 blocks, and 1 assist. Tenley Conde and Laney Wilson put down 5 kills each. Hawkins’ setters, Jordyn Warren and Trinity Hawkins combined for 25 assists, 18 and 7, respectively. 

VOLLEYBALL: Lady Hawks vs. Gary, 08-31-21

The Lady Hawks rolled to a  25-12, 25-17, and 25-10 victory over Gary Tuesday night. 
Makena Warren had 11 kills and Lynli Dacus added six kills for Hawkins. Jordyn Warren and Trinity Hawkins combined for 26 assists, 16 and 10 respectively. Tenley Conde had five service aces on the night.

BASKETBALL: Lady Hawks defeat Overton, 12-18-2020

The Hawkins Lady Hawks opened up district play with a 73-15 victory over Overton night.
The Lady Hawks were paced by Lynli Dacus with 26 point, 13 rebound double-double. Dacus also added six steals, 3 assists, and 2 blocks.  Logan Jaco added 12 points and 4 rebounds. Jaco also picked off six steals.  Laney Wilson added 9 points. Jordyn Warren and Makena Warren both scored eight points each.  J.Warren dished fived assists and added seven steals. M. Warren picked off 3 steals. 
HAWKINS — 15. 22. 26. 10. TOTAL 73
HAWKINS — Victoria Miller 7, Jordyn Warren 8, Jazzmen Moungle 3, Logan Jaco 12, Lynli Dacus 26, Laney Wilson 9, Makena Warren 8

GIRLS TRACK: Como-Pickton Meet, 3-28-19

The Lady Hawks are the Como-Pickton MEET CHAMPIONS!

LOLA POSEY – 1st in 200m Dash, 2nd in 400m, 1st in Triple Jump, 2nd in Long Jump

VICTORIA MILLER – 2nd in 100m Dash, 5th in 200m Dash

LOGAN JACO – 4th in 400m

KYLEE SIMMONS – 3rd in 800m

KEELY CRAWLEY – 1st in Pole Vault, 1st in High Jump, 4th in 800m

MEGAN HANEY – 1st in 3200m Run, 3rd in 1600m Run

LONDON JACO – 5th in 3200m Run

LYNLI DACUS – 1st in 100m Hurdles, 1st in 300m Hurdles, 5th in Long Jump, 5th in Triple Jump

MAKENZIE HAMMONDS – 6th in 100m Hurdles, 6th in 300m Hurdles, 4th in High Jump

TENLEY CONDE – 4th in 300m Hurdles, 6th in High Jump

AALIYAH DAVIS – 1st in Shot Put

JAYCEE CHESHIRE – 2nd in Shot Put, 2nd in Discus

CAROLYN SEARER – 5th in Shot Put

EMILY MOORE – 1st in Discus


4 x 100m RELAY – 1st Place

Elizabeth Hawkins, Makena Warren, Victoria Miller, Lola Posey


4 x 200m RELAY – 2nd Place

Elizabeth Hawkins, Tenley Conde, Madison Haney, Makena Warren


4 x 400m RELAY – 2nd Place

Tenley Conde, Logan Jaco, Lynli Dacus, Keely Crawley

TRACK: Boys Bring Home Medals From Como Meet. 3-28-19

Varsity Boy Placed 3rd Overall last night
Akeim Wyatt- 2nd Place 200m
Javion Caffey- 6th Place 200m
Isaac Holland- 1st Place 400m
Akim Richmond- 2nd Place 400m
James Burson- 4th Place 110 Hurdles
Ibory Taylor 3rd Place Shot Put
Vidal Guiterrez 4th Place Discus
Paeton Smith- 6th Place High Jump
 4×100 1st Place (James Burson, Akim Wyatt, Isaac Holland, Akim Richmond)
 4×200 2nd Place (James Burson, Jayden Dacus, Javion Caffey, Akim Wyatt)
4×400 1st Place (Paeton Smith, Jayden Dacus, Akim Richmond, Isaac Holland)
JV Boys Place 2nd Overall
Jantzen Weiss 6th Place 3200m
Braydon Northuctt- 2nd Place 100m
Nick Stevenson- 3rd Place 100m, 4th Place 200m, 3rd Long Jump
Kayden Upchurch 6th Place 200m, 5th Long Jump,5th Shot
HK Smith- 4th Place 110 Hurdles, 4th Place 400m, 4th Place 1600m
Derek Theriot- 4th Place 800m, 6th Pole Vault
Jantzen Weiss- 6th Place 800m
Jeremy Torres- 3rd Place 300 Hurdles, 2nd Discus
John Hester- 2nd Shot
Buddy Holmes- 6th Shot
Zach Conde – 1st Discus, 3rd High Jump
Bryce Burns- 3rd Discus
Drew Dacus 5th Triple Jump, 1st Pole Vault
Hunter Warrick- 5th High Jump
4×100 2nd Place (Kayden Upchurch, Jeremy Torres, Braydon Northcutt, Zach Conde)
4×200 2nd Place (Kayden Upchurch, Derek Theriot, Zach Conde, Braydon Northcutt)
4×400 3rd Place ( Derek Theriot, Nick Stevenson, Zach Conde, Jeremy Torres)

GIRLS TRACK: Grand Saline Meet, 3-21-19

The Lady Hawks placed 3rd in the meet.


Emily Moore – 1st Place

Morgan Jaco – 5th Place

Jaycee Cheshire – 6th Place


Aaliyah Davis – 4th Place


Lola Posey – 5th Place


Lola Posey – 2nd Place

Gracee Morrell – 5th Place


Lola Posey – 4th Place

Victoria Miller – 6th Place


Lynli Dacus – 2nd Place

Lynli Dacus – 4th Place


Keely Crawley – 4th Place

800M RUN

Keely Crawley – 5th Place

Cortney Pope – 6th Place

1600M RUN

Megan Haney – 2nd Place

Kylee Simmons – 5th Place

3200M RUN

Megan Haney – 2nd Place

Kylee Simmons – 3rd Place

London Jaco – 4th Place


Lynli Dacus – 2nd Place

Lynli Dacus – 4th Place

4 X 100M RELAY – 5th Place

Elizabeth Hawkins, Makenzie Hammonds, Gracee Morrell, Lola Posey

4 x 200M RELAY – 4th Place

Elizabeth Hawkins, Tenley Conde, Madison Haney, Makena Warren

4 x 400M RELAY – 2nd Place

Madison Haney, Lola Posey, Lynli Dacus, Keely Crawley

TRACK: Boys Track Bring Home Metals From Grand Saline 3-21-19

Grand Saline Track Meet
Varsity Boy Results:
Akeim Wyatt- 1st 200m dash
Javion Caffey- 5th 200m dash
Isaac Holland- 2nd 400m Run
Paeton Smith- 5th 800m Run
Akim Richmond- 6th place Long Jump
Ibory Taylor- 6th place shotput
4×100 3rd place
4×200 4th place
4×400 4th place

JV Boys placed 2nd overall

Highlights include:
Braydon Northcutt – 1st 100m dash
Kayden Upchurch- 2nd 200m dash, 3rd Long Jump
Jeremy Torres- 3rd 400m Run, 2nd Discus, 4th Triple Jump
HK Smith- 4th 110 Hurdles, 2nd 300 Hurdles
Drew Dacus- 6th 300 Hurdles, 2nd Pole Vault
John Hester- 2nd Shotput
Nick Stevenson- 5th Triple Jump
Hunter Warrick- 3rd High Jump
Derek Theriot- 6th Pole Vault
4×100 2nd Place
4×200 1st Place
4×400 4th Place

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