TRACK: Boys Bring Home Medals From Como Meet. 3-28-19

Varsity Boy Placed 3rd Overall last night
Akeim Wyatt- 2nd Place 200m
Javion Caffey- 6th Place 200m
Isaac Holland- 1st Place 400m
Akim Richmond- 2nd Place 400m
James Burson- 4th Place 110 Hurdles
Ibory Taylor 3rd Place Shot Put
Vidal Guiterrez 4th Place Discus
Paeton Smith- 6th Place High Jump
 4×100 1st Place (James Burson, Akim Wyatt, Isaac Holland, Akim Richmond)
 4×200 2nd Place (James Burson, Jayden Dacus, Javion Caffey, Akim Wyatt)
4×400 1st Place (Paeton Smith, Jayden Dacus, Akim Richmond, Isaac Holland)
JV Boys Place 2nd Overall
Jantzen Weiss 6th Place 3200m
Braydon Northuctt- 2nd Place 100m
Nick Stevenson- 3rd Place 100m, 4th Place 200m, 3rd Long Jump
Kayden Upchurch 6th Place 200m, 5th Long Jump,5th Shot
HK Smith- 4th Place 110 Hurdles, 4th Place 400m, 4th Place 1600m
Derek Theriot- 4th Place 800m, 6th Pole Vault
Jantzen Weiss- 6th Place 800m
Jeremy Torres- 3rd Place 300 Hurdles, 2nd Discus
John Hester- 2nd Shot
Buddy Holmes- 6th Shot
Zach Conde – 1st Discus, 3rd High Jump
Bryce Burns- 3rd Discus
Drew Dacus 5th Triple Jump, 1st Pole Vault
Hunter Warrick- 5th High Jump
4×100 2nd Place (Kayden Upchurch, Jeremy Torres, Braydon Northcutt, Zach Conde)
4×200 2nd Place (Kayden Upchurch, Derek Theriot, Zach Conde, Braydon Northcutt)
4×400 3rd Place ( Derek Theriot, Nick Stevenson, Zach Conde, Jeremy Torres)

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