TSA student group ranked second in state after final meet

Hawkins High School Technology students competed in the state TSA contest in Fort Worth April 15-17.  HHS students took 92 entries to the event in the areas of robotics, CAD drawing, construction displays, CNC projects, live events that involved problem solving, written exams over a variety of technological topics and CO2 powered dragsters.

Of the 92 entries entered, 64 earned awards.  HHS students won 25 first place medals, 12 second places, 12 third places and fifteen 4-10 place finalist pins.  Students earning awards are: Can Austin, Jacob Branson, Madison Calhoun, Josh Caruso, Kenneth Cole, Zach Conde, Alyssa Eddington, Tyler Gear, Colter Hazel, Kainnon Hines, Emily Hodges, Chris Horn, Ty Kelly, Jacob Loughmiller, Brendon Mooney, Preston Patterson, Colton Payne Jacob Price, Ethan Stone, Dalton Wages, Zach Willard and Taylor Wolfe.

Schools compete within all school sizes (A-6A) for individual awards.  Then, award totals are divided in divisions based on the number of entries from that school.  A 6A school could be in the same division as a class A school based on number of entries at the event.  Hawkins competed in the 71 – 110 entry category since we had 92 entries at the state contest. Hawkins placed 2nd in this division giving us State Champion runner up status.  Byron Nelson HS in the metroplex won the division. They have 3 full time instructors.

Miss Emily Hodges was awarded the Al Seher Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $2000.  Normally, this award is given to a Texas TSA State Officer. 

HHS will have at least 4 students qualifying for the National TSA Conference in Atlanta, GA this June:  Emily Hodges and Kainnon Hines as our on-site Problem Solving team, and Colton Payne and Dalton Wages in the Dragster Design competition by finishing 6th and 9th at state.  

This is the 38th year Mr. Behnke has had students participate in state level competitions (36th in Hawkins) and the 34th straight year HHS has qualified students for the national TSA contest.

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